The Odden Research lab aims to understand optimal preventive strategies for chronic disease in older adults, particularly among the very old, frail, and underrepresented minorities. To date, our work has focused on prevention of cardiovascular and kidney outcomes, as well as preservation of physical and cognitive function in older adults. We use a variety of advanced methods including causal inference to understand the underlying basis and effects of cardiovascular diseases and conditions such as hypertension among those over 65.

The Odden lab works closely with many NIH-funded cohort studies including the Cardiovascular Heart Study (CHS), the Jackson Heart Study (JHS),  and others. We also work with electronic health record data  from the Veterans Health Administration and the Health Improvement Network (THIN).

We collaborate widely with other epidemiologists and clinicians across Stanford, UCSF, Oregon State University, Columbia University, University of Pittsburgh, and University of Washington among many others.